SBI finishes investigation into Leland Police Department

SBI finishes investigation into Leland Police Department

LELAND, NC (WECT) - The State Bureau of Investigation has finished its investigation into the Leland Police Department, according to District Attorney Jon David.The SBI began its investigation into the police department in August over


David said the SBI didn't find sufficient evidence to initiate criminal charges against any specific person.

"The case will remain open in the event that we receive additional information. I have contacted Chief Mike James and informed him of the findings," David explained. "Moreover, I have offered Chief James complete access to our file so that he can make appropriate personnel decisions."

Officers Sgt. Patrick McGowan and Detective Ryan O'Conner resigned when the SBI investigation began, although O'Conner was never being investigated by the SBI.


was terminated from his position in August. According to a

issued under the authority of the Chief of Police, Christopher was fired for four separate policy violations including unsatisfactory performance, neglect of duty, supervision, and unbecoming conduct.

Leland Town Manger David Hollis said Police Chief Mike James has not had a chance to review the SBI's finding because he has been out attending to his wife while she recovers from surgery. The two have planned to meet to discuss what personnel decisions, if any, they will take after reviewing the case files.

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