Woman charged with murdering boyfriend

Police say Linwood Ransome was robbed and murdered by the woman he loved. That woman, Keisha Jamison, was arrested at her family's house on Barclay Hills Drive on Monday, and is behind bars without bond.

The murder has left Ransome's family bitter. His only sister, Ruth McGee pleaded with him Saturday night to leave Jamison.

"I said 'Come home, knock on my window and come inside. Don't put a hand on her.' But she came in and killed him," McGee says.

McGee says Ransome was trying to help Jamison, who had been abandoned by her family and struggled with drug addiction. But the two were known for their fighting. Jamison was charged with assault six years ago. Detectives say she poured hot grease on Ransome in his sleep.

McGee still has the article from the newspaper. She remembers that awful night.

"If he wouldn't have had his hands over his head, she would have blinded him," McGee says.

Two years later, police say Ransome was jailed twice after altercations with Jamison.

McGee insists her brother wasn't a violent man, and if he would have taken her advice Saturday night, he might still be alive.

Reported By Maggie Alexander