Life changing Autism intervention

There are many conflicting statistic when it come to how prevalent autism is among children. One doctor believes it's because many children are being diagnosed as autistic, but actually have other social deficits. One of these disorder is called Asperger's syndrome. Here are some of the early warning signs:

1) A child who seems to understand language, but does not respond to his or her name.

2) Kids don't respond to shared attention. If you were to look at something, most people would look to see what you are looking at, but kids with Asperger's wouldn't be too concerned.

3) not pointing to draw attention to things.

4) They may be happy, but they do not participate in social interaction the same way. Early diagnosis leads to early intervention, where therapist and parents can develop behavioral treatments that can save the child's life. Intervention is specifically targeted to each child, as each will have different behaviors that need to be addressed. Social interaction and carrying a task through to completion are two important areas to target. Some children may need to learn to relax when in the company of strangers or other children. Other Children may need to work on how to handle situations when what they expect to happen, doesn't happen.

Also getting the parents involved in the intervention is key. Dr Lord says, "The parents are really a critical element in any intervention, even if we are having the child go to school all day. The reality is, they are going to come home to their families and so doing things that helps families probably makes more difference than anyone else."the most recent