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Local Fraternity goes homeless for charity

Local fraternity goes homeless for four days  to spread awareness (Source:WECT) Local fraternity goes homeless for four days to spread awareness (Source:WECT)

On any given night over 600,000 people are without a home. This can range from families to individuals, and even veterans. One local fraternity is taking a stand to homelessness in our area, and ditching their beds for cardboard boxes.

"Nothing makes a statement like this," smiled, Alpha Tau Omega fraternity brother, Alexander Edington. "You see a bunch of guys waking up coming out of cardboard boxes. Last year I was asleep on a couch and someone actually thought I was homeless."

"I didn't know what the boxes were, so it's definitely an eye opener," said UNCW freshman, Betsy Aguirre.

For the 6th year in a row, Alpha Tau Omega is going homeless for four days and three nights.

"Being homeless is probably one of the worst things that can happen to anyone," said Edington.

According to Mercy House Homeless Shelter in Wilmington there are nearly 2,000 homeless people in our area.

"I work downtown and literally see it happen every single day," stated Edington. "There are people pushing shopping carts up and down the road."

A problem Edington and his fraternity brothers have been determined to fix for the past 6 years. Edington explained, "That's the thing, the students don't get to see homeless people, because they are stuck in this little bubble that is UNCW."

Freshman Sean Gallagher agreed, "When you are student here you don't see it. So I think that it's really good that they are doing this so we are reminded of the big world issues at hand."

Last year ATO fraternity collected 1,800 lbs. of donations.

"That's what we are really trying to go for here," explained Edington. "The homeless, yes they may not have homes right now, but we are trying to comfort them. That's why I love this event because it helps us give back."

ATO fraternity will be camped out front of UNCW's Wagnor Hall until Friday. They are accepting any non-perishables, clothes, unwanted goods, etc.  They are not asking for donations, but are always accepting. If you wish to make a donation click the link: https://www.memberplanet.com/campaign/atouncw/atogoeshomeless

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