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Chi Phi back at UNCW

Chi Phi returns to UNCW after 10 years. (Source: WECT) Chi Phi returns to UNCW after 10 years. (Source: WECT)

Truth, honor and personal integrity are the core values Chi Phi fraternity is standing by as members rebuild their program at UNC Wilmington.

In 2005, the fraternity was suspended for drinking and hazing offenses. Nearly 10 years later, the organization has returned to campus.

Barbre Berris, the Director of Growth and Alumni Services for Chi Phi fraternity, said there was no time frame as to when they could return, so they waited until they had the support they needed.

"There are a lot of different puzzle pieces and once the puzzle is complete then we move forward and that happened now," Berris said.

Berris is accompanied by several recruiting officers from the Chi Phi headquarters. They will be on the campus of UNCW for the next six weeks getting to know the students and community. 

"We are recruiting men who want to do fraternity right," Berris explained. "They want to have an experience that is based on leadership, on scholarship, becoming a better man, and becoming a gentleman. So we really stress to them that we are not looking for men who want to party, and want to haze. If you want to do that, then we are not the fraternity for you."

These recruiters are in charge of selecting the first 30 to 35 members and say they are not taking this process lightly.

"We want to be part of the community, and in order to do so we have to be present in it," Berris said. "Our goal for the upcoming weeks is to set that foundation, and instill it in our men to continue once we are gone."

Chi Phi is currently recognized as a fraternity on UNCW's campus, but it will take about 18 months for it to become a chapter at the university.

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