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My Turn: It's time to start taxing chickens

We pay taxes for dogs and cats. Why not chickens? (Source: WECT) We pay taxes for dogs and cats. Why not chickens? (Source: WECT)

We may all feel a little hen pecked these days when it comes to taxes and fees that we pay for everything.  But it seems like the city of Wilmington might have a new revenue source to crow about.

Recently our news team showed how a local hardware store was making quite a business for itself by selling baby chicks.  Some people like raising the animals as a food source.  Others may just like having them as pets.

But it got me thinking.  We pay taxes for dogs and cats. Why not chickens?

The city would have to hire staff, of course.  We'd need clerks to sell the licenses and a chicken inspector to find out if there's any fowl business going on.  And an accountant to help make sure we're getting the right amount of chicken scratch from everyone.  I'm sure there will be some out there who aren't too chicken to not count all their chickens and we need to catch those people who are not paying their fair share.

At first, I thought we can't let this idea fly the coop.  But when you take all that overhead into account, maybe it's not worth crowing about.

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Emailed comments from viewers:

Let's have more taxes... you're an idiot. Great ideas coming from someone with a communications degree and a job at wect.  Haha


Oh Lordy, please don't give the powers that be any ideas!


Really? That's your " intelligent " opinion? More taxes on even more random obscure things? Not to mention it's illegal to have chickens in the city limits! Have you lost it man?!!! 

We don't need more income. We need more intelligent use of the funds the city already collects. One example? That police helicopter that pisses away thousands every time it leaves the ground to joy ride. I see it doing nothing but burning fuel on an almost daily basis. I challenge you to identify one accomplishment that justifies the costs associated with that aircraft. That thing has to cost $500,000 a year. Just stupid. Another example? The "safe route" sidewalk the city installed on Greenville loop road that cost over $300k. I drive this road every day during morning school hours and have yet to see anyone using it! $300k yet the bicycle lane on that same road remains overgrown and covered with nails and other dangerous debris forcing riders into the road creating a dangerous situation for all. What about that "safe route"? $10k fixes that lane. 

Given access to information and a little time I am certain millions could be identified in wasted nonsense spending. 

More taxes of the type you suggest is not the answer. 


I am a manager of an Ace Hardware/southern States and the sale of baby chicks is no money maker more like a convenience for our customers  We sell them and make pennies off the sale and we feed them change the shavings and water them. 


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