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New Hanover County Schools bursting at seams

New Hanover County Schools bursting at seams. New Hanover County Schools bursting at seams.

New Hanover County Schools are bursting at the seams, forcing teachers to hold class in some non-traditional spaces to accommodate the overflow of students.

"We're handling our children in our buildings," Deputy Superintendent Rick Holliday explained. "There are classrooms being conducted on stages in libraries. We're simply running out of space."

School officials said there are nearly 350 more students than they expected. In fact, last Friday, New Hanover County Schools had 25,786 students.

That number grew to 26,173 students Tuesday and that number is expected to grow an additional 3,000 students by 2020, according to school officials.

"We're one of the faster growing school systems in the state, and we continue to grow," Holliday commented.

Officials said the overcrowding is so bad, kindergartners at Bellamy Elementary have school in a completely different building.  

Grades 1-5 are held at Bellamy Elementary, while kindergartners were forced to attend school at the Early childhood center on College Road.

To cater to the rapid growth, a school bond referendum totaling $160 million will be on November's ballot, that will cost tax payers an additional $60 a year in taxes.

With that money the school system plans to build a brand new elementary school, and complete several improvements and renovations.

For a look at the full plans look here 

"People seem to find ways into New Hanover County Schools so I would just say you have to look at the need," Holliday said.

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