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New app promises to lock, unlock doors by phone

Lockitron app gives keyless entry by phone. (Courtesy: Lockitron) Lockitron app gives keyless entry by phone. (Courtesy: Lockitron)

Most people use keys to unlock or lock doors, but the click of keys inside deadbolts are dwindling and touchscreen apps on cell phones are becoming the key to home security.

"Last five years have been the most exciting time in our business," Adam Heiks said. "Technology is crazy-moving right now."

Heiks is the president of GenX Security Solutions in Greenville.

"I have an app that texts me when each user walks in the door," he said.

He said  his company installs and monitors cameras and security alarms for clients like Greenville Tech, Saint Francis Bon Secours Wellness Arena, as well as homeowners.

"Here's my system at home, I just armed it away," Heiks said.

And now CEOs and homeowners are downloading digital keys.

"It creates an interaction between a website and a piece of hardware and then a user," he said.

There's an app on the market called Lockitron. Customers can download it for $179 and once they place a pad over their deadbolts, the app and pad interact. According to the Lockitron website, the connection allows a homeowner to lock and unlock their home by phone.

Heiks said there are other apps on the market too and these new apps are convenient and have other security features.

"The cell phone tells the app 'hey, I'm about home.' It turns on your lights or disarms your alarm," he said.

Heiks said  the new apps also save money for homeowners when it comes to replacing keys and helps big companies with high turnover rates.

"If we change keys, that costs money, it costs a fortune," Heiks said.

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