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Girlfriend of man who shot officers, girl speaks out


A Charlotte woman spoke exclusively with WBTV Thursday about the man accused of shooting two police officers and a ten-year-old girl. That man is her boyfriend.

Brandon Brewer is in jail, charged with attempted murder, assault on a police officer, and assault with a deadly weapon. Police said a domestic dispute between Brewer and LaToya Young escalated leading to the shootings and a standoff.

But LaToya Young says Brewer never hurt her or their seven-month-old baby girl that Sunday. She's says she called police because Brewer threatened to hurt himself and she wanted a police escort for him or them.

Police said Brandon Brewer barricaded himself inside his home on Kingville Drive Sunday, August 17 after shooting at officers and a ten-year-old girl.

"As everybody was watching it on the news, he was actually on the phone trying to reach out and speak to me," said Young, "And I was able to talk to him and asked him to surrender and everything would be okay."

Young said they've been together for two years and they've never had a physical fight. She believes it was pills he was taking for a week that set him off.

"If the drug causes you to be paranoid or go into a panic. I can't tell you how he felt in that moment and what allowed him to just go off the cliff or go into this maniac episode I can just tell you it wasn't him," said Young.

She said Brewer was depressed and wanted sleeping pills. Instead a friend gave him pills normally prescribed for anxiety.

"Me and the baby is his everything, so not being able to provide the way he would to I know played a major role on him being down somedays," said Young.

Young said Brewer needs mental assistance or counseling not to be locked up like he was years ago for previous convictions, which included 3 armed robberies, a serious assault, and a break-in.

"That wasn't his intentions," said Young, "He was only a harm to himself. That's all."

Young says she has spoken to Brewer on the phone and he does have remorse.

"He loves children so that 10-year-old girl hurts," said a tearful Young.

She said they apologized to Shanise. And now the couple wrote a letter to the officers who were injured.

"I apologize and Mr. Brewer truly apologizes to your families, the scare and the shock that it caused," said Young reading from the letter.

She's hoping the officers and their families will forgive Brewer. A spokesperson from CMPD said they will let this case work it's way through the courts.

We checked court documents and learned Brewer was indicted in Superior Court on Monday. His next court date is December 4.

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