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A soggy summer dampens local businesses profits

A soggy summer dampens local businesses profits. (Source: WECT) A soggy summer dampens local businesses profits. (Source: WECT)

Wilmington has had over 30 inches of rain this summer, making it the soggiest summer Wrightsville Beach has seen in a while. With a soggy summer like this one, it's bound to put local business back a few bucks.

"It seems pretty much like every other day has a good chance of rain," said Tim Gilbert, an assistant manager at a local Wrightsville beach gift shop. "It just slows down business in general."

Our unpredictable summer weather has kept vacationers from coming out and cashing in.

"We were suppose to come here like three times, and we didn't come because of rain," said Amy Alessandria, an out of town beach goer. "This is our first time at the beach before the summer ends."

Businesses are not only feeling the affect of a slow summer at their cash register, but in their trash cans.

"From having a slower summer we are finding ourselves throwing away a lot of the extra meat we've been buying," said Johnny Mercers employee, Julian Schuessler.

With Labor Day just around the corner, local businesses are hoping to cash in before the summer ends.

"We are doing our inventory making sure we don't run out of the essentials like drinks and ice cream," said Gilbert. "You don't want to run out of ice cream on a busy weekend."

"We've got a lot of extra burgers," smiled Schuessler. "We probably have 10 boxes of burgers with a 100 count in each box. That's the main thing we sell out of, so it's the main thing we are worried about."

With a tropical storm twirling to near the Bahamas, life guards are worried about something else.

"We'll fly red flags if we have strong and dangerous rip currents, and we will advise people to stay out of the water," explained Jeremy Owens, head lifeguard at Wrightsville Beach. "So pay attention to the flag system, and we will keep and eye out for everybody out here."

So whatever happens this weekend know Wrightsville beach businesses and lifeguards are stocked and ready to go.

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