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Ruling on state voucher program causing parents stress


Many low income North Carolina families were hoping they could use state vouchers to help pay for a private education. The courts ruled it unconstitutional to use public dollars to fund a private school education.

The ruling came days before school starts and parents are now scrambling to find a place for their children to learn.

Angie Davis was excited to learn she qualified for a $4200 voucher from the state. She was going to use it to send her child to get a Christian education at Male Leadership Academy of Charlotte.

"I like to push education," the mother said. "I try to give them the best education possible."

She is concerned and frustrated at the ruling.  She can't understand why the money can't be used to offer kids a quality education.

"If it's helping a child," Davis said. "Get what they need to survive in this world, then it don't matter."

Charlotte - Mecklenburg school (CMS) district superintendent Dr. Heath Morrison is grateful the vouchers are unconstitutional. He believes it's time public education came first.

"To have public money though going to private schools," Morrison said. "Is something a lot of people have challenges and issue with - at a time with what's happening to education funding for public education."

Options are running out for Davis. She doesn't have the $4200 to give the private school.

"Being unemployed," Davis said. "And being a single parent - it's hard."

She says she will go to the school Monday and hope things can be worked out.

State leaders have appealed the ruling and hope a higher court can overturn it in a matter of days.  About 50% of NC private schools are participating in the voucher program. Students who have already started class, the private schools have told them they won't kick students out because the voucher program is considered unconstitutional.

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