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My Turn: Redskins name controversy

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I do believe we're going to see the name of the Washington Redskins change sometime in the future. It's just a matter of time. It might take an ownership change or it might be done because sponsors no longer want to be associated with that team. But it will happen.

The fact is the term "Redskins" is considered offensive by many people. It's not good enough to say the name is tradition. Sure, it's been around a long time, but the world has changed and what was acceptable many years ago, can be found now days to be in bad taste and offensive to many.

Ask some Native American Indians about the term and most of them will tell you they do not feel honored by it. Seminoles? Yes. Braves? Yes. Indians? Maybe, and their logo has a lot to do with that.

The NFL or the government shouldn't force this change. Sponsors and the general public will continue to apply the pressure and we'll eventually get the right decision.

I just wish they'd hurry along, so we can enjoy the football games instead of the controversy.

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Emailed comments from viewers: 

It's liberals like you that I find offensive! No one really cares what a football team is named.  People like you need a controversy to legitimize having a job!! Get a the air!!


Don't you have anything substantive to address???  Most people are sick and tired of all the "political correctness" crap. 

Why don't you address real issues like ISIS (or ISIL), like the growing heroin traffic in Wilmington, like the increase in violent crime, the significant increase in unwed mothers giving birth in this country, ………………………….. 

Really, let's focus on the important issues in the world, not the petty little things like a professional football team's name.


Get a life. 

The majority of fans, by far, don't want the name changed. Read that, MAJORITY! 

Lions, Bears,Cubs. Are they far behind? You know what I mean. 

Come on. You are normally right on. Not this time.


I DISAGREE with you wholeheartedly.  Should the term "redneck" be done away with?  I was born and raised on a farm in Columbus County.  When I was a child, I was often referred to as a "redneck".  At that time it was not consider a "friendly" term but was a put down by city folks.  I finished Whiteville High, went to college and then spent 25 years working for the Federal Government in Washington DC where I attended many Redskin games.  During that time, we "southern white folks"

accepted the term "Redneck" and turned it into a badge of honor. Today, I am proud to be called a "redneck".  The African Americans and Indians could take a lesson from us.  Instead of crying about a disparaging term, turn it around to a badge of honor!


Your comment about the most Native Americans were offended by the name is incorrect................


As a former ticket-holder-by-marriage, I agree!

Change name to Washington Warriors, keep the proud image and try to play some great football again. (I am of Shawnee descent.) 


There are Native American schools that call their teams Redskins. The term is used affectionately by some natives, similar to the way the N-word is used by some African-Americans. In the only recent poll to ask native people about the subject, 90 percent of respondents did not consider the term offensive. Why then do you?


I'm so sick and tired of political correctness.  Our beloved City of Wilmington has long been a hotbed of support for the Washington Redskins.  I can even remember the days of a "Redskin Special" ACL train running to Washington

carrying Wilmingtonians to an NFL game.  Thanks to liberalism, all our sacred traditions that we hold dear are one by one being eliminated.  Ninety percent of the Indians polled don't care at all and most consider it an honor, wise up liberals and leave us alone.


On Thursday, August 21 at 5:55 PM you editorialized about the name of the Washington Redskins, saying it was offensive to most Native Americans. 

In June of this year I passed through the Navaho Nation reservation in northern Arizona.  In the town of Red Mesa, AZ is a very beautiful high school with an interesting sign out front.  It says "Red Mesa Redskins" and has an emblem almost identical to the one used by the Washington Redskins football team.  One of the businesses has a sign out saying "Proud to be a Redskin".  

If the Native Americans in the Navaho Nation aren't offended, why should non-Native Americans take it upon themselves to foster a position which they aren't even a shareholder?

The folks protesting the most seem to be very distantly affiliated with the actual Native Americans.  It appears more like protesting for the sake of protesting.

I agree that the term is moderately offensive.  Much like calling Caucasians "Whites" or calling African-Americans "Blacks".  But I also believe that the more you protest, the more staunchly the name will be defended.  I believe that if the uproar were to quiet down that Dan Snyder would probably make the change.  By loudly challenging Mr. Snyder, an environment of confrontation has blocked the chance to reach a reasonable solution.


I am tired of this controversy LEAVE IT ALONE.  People need to just deal with it we are all insulted either with race, religion, whatever I would take it as a complement that recognized at all at this time. 


More political correctness run amok. While "some" Native Americans might not feel "honored by it" (whatever that means) most Native Americans either don't care or think it's just fine. Don't we have more meaningful issues to deal with -- Ferguson, ISIS, Gaza, Ukraine, poverty, the vanishing middle class, and Ebola, just for starters -- than to waste time and column space trying to force a US sports team to rename itself? 


Thank you well said.  I wish I had endless money so I could offer Dan Snyder an insane amount of money to buy the team, so I could change the name.   Money talks.  It is good to hear someone does care.  It does matter.  It it is not a stupid issue.  When the name changes, and it will; it will be the beginning of a new era.   

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