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McLean Co. school integrates fitness and focus into classrooms


One Tri-state school is the first in Kentucky to integrate a special fitness element into their classrooms.

It's time for some silent reading at Livermore Elementary.Look around Tawna Belk's 5th grade classroom and you'll see the wheels are turning, in more ways than one.

The kids are actually exercising while they learn with desk cycles.These mini-stationary bikes sit underneath the kids desks.  

"At first, I was like what are these? Then our teacher started to talk about them and I was like uh pretty cool," says 5th grader Lacie Kent.The kids can choose to use them or not." You just do it while you're learning," says 5th grader Harley Owings.

The desk cycles keep track of distance and calories burned." It keeps you exercising while you're learning and you're exercising your brain as well," says Kent.

" They are able to focus on their book.  They are able to stay on task.  They're not disturbing the children around them," says teacher Tawna Belk.

Principal Carrie Ellis says Livermore is the first school in Kentucky to use these desk cycles. "Finding something that would help students who are highly active be able to sit and actually do seatwork in the classroom, but not be up running around the classroom at the same time," says Ellis.

The school spent over $4,000 of their own money to purchase 28 of these mini-peddlers.The school plans to buy even more of these desk cycles and put them in all classrooms from 2nd grade and moving up.

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