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Burgaw considers grant to study flooding issues

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Flooding on Bully Bunion Lane. (Source: Town of Burgaw) Flooding on Bully Bunion Lane. (Source: Town of Burgaw)
Flooding at Pender Memorial Hospital. (Source: Town of Burgaw) Flooding at Pender Memorial Hospital. (Source: Town of Burgaw)

The Town of Burgaw has received a $25,000 grant to study seven spots that flood in Burgaw.

The study would explore how to fix the flooding, what solution costs the least amount of money, and what solutions will not create new flooding problems for other areas.

The Board of Commissioners still needs to vote to officially accept the grant, which would also mean they would agree to pay the remaining amount of money needed to fund the study.

Rebekah Roth, the Planning Administrator for the town, said that final figure is still being figured out. Roth said the flooding has been an issue for years.

"There are areas throughout town, just little pockets, where whenever we have a heavy rainfall we tend to have flooding issues and unfortunately some of those places are places like the hospital, where the water will flood the entire street in front of the hospital during a heavy rain," Roth said. "At this point we don't really know what is causing the problem."

According to the grant application, the main and emergency entrances to Pender Memorial Hospital experience flooding five to 10 times a year.

The flooding can be anywhere from a couple of inches to knee deep. The application stated last year there were three occasions where hospital staff had to wade through knee deep water to tell people to enter the hospital through a different entrance.

It's not just the hospital, other flooding problem areas on the list to potentially be studied include East Wilmington Street, Burgaw Creek Loop Road, Stag Park Industrial Complex, Burgaw Creek Tributary #1, Osgood Branch and the subdivision surrounding Bully Bunion Lane.

Neighbors who live on and near Bully Bunion Lane say almost every there is a heavy rain, the street floods.

"It blocks us all in, a lot of times it can be pretty high, up to our vehicles," explained Olivia Dawson who has lived in the neighborhood for three years. 

She said the base of her Cul-de-sac often floods during heavy rain, sometimes reaching a foot deep, and trapping her at home.

Like her neighbors, she said she hopes something is done to stop the rising waters.

As soon as the final figure for the project is agreed upon, the Board will vote on whether to move forward with the study and accept the grant and pay the remaining amount for the project.

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