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Southeast MO Bishop suggests prayers for peace


Church leadership in southern Missouri asked all the Catholic parishes to offer a day of prayer and fasting.

Father David Hulshof, Pastor at St. Vincent de Paul in Cape Girardeau, says the idea is to offer an opportunity to be in solidarity with those who are suffering from the violence in Iraq and parts of the Middle East.

"We by our efforts in prayer and fasting ... can unite ourselves with them and offer prayers on their behalf without some of those things that we normally take for granted," Hulsoff said. "By denying our bodies a certain level of food or drink, we can be more attune to what they are going through as we see these images on TV."

Hulshof said that prayer and fasting are ways for all people regardless of culture or race to come together as one in hopes of restoring peace.

"We can better identify with that relationship with prayer, fasting, the effort to we want to be about in solidarity with them. We might not be able to come up with solutions, we know we are limited in our relationship with those that are a part from us, but we can always be one with them in our desire for their good, our desire for their best care," Hulshof said.

He said that prayers should also be made on behalf of those in Ferguson.

Hulshof said the idea is to take take a step back and achieve a greater understanding of what life might be like for those who don't necessarily have a choice.

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