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Greenwood police officer's gear stolen


Authorities are warning residents that a Greenwood police officer had his gear including his uniform stolen when his vehicle was broken into.

Greenwood Police Chief Greg Hallgrimson is worried that someone will wear the uniform shirt. The officer had his uniform shift, gun and baton stolen.

Officers with the Kansas City Police Department found the gun, baton and other stolen items Monday morning but the police chief said a short-sleeved French blue uniform shirt with G.P.D on it is still missing.

The items were stolen at 4426 NE Winn Road in Kansas City, MO, on Sunday night.

"The back window of his personal vehicle was broken into and some of his duty items were taken including his pistol," Hallgrimson said.

KCMO police said three vehicles at that location were broken into the same night, including the officer's personal vehicle.

Hallgrimson said in his 12 years at the department that this is the first time he has had to deal with an officer having a department-issued weapon or uniform stolen.

Hallgrimson feared the worst when his officer reported the theft. "The weapon being used in a crime was my initial concern,  that was the scariest part," he said.

He was relieved when the gun and other items were found. But he wants the uniform shirt back to its rightful owner.

"I still have quite a concern for someone, somebody that's acting as an imposter acting like law enforcement when they're not," Hallgrimson said. "They could possibly do just about anything if a person believed that's who they are."

If you think someone is impersonating a Greenwood officer, look for a patrol car and ask for a badge number. If you aren't satisfied, call police immediately.

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