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Time running out for Hidden Valley injunction


Charlotte's temporary injunction against the gang called the Hidden Valley Kings expires on August 27. The court order mandates that known gang members not be seen together in that community.

At Hidden Valley Elementary, workers are bracing for an important deadline. Open house for the upcoming class year happens on Thursday.

However, another time-sensitive issue connected to public safety is looming in this North Charlotte community.

Stan Smith and three children are among the newcomers to Hidden Valley.

"We walk this neighborhood often," Smith said. "I heard about how it was, and what it was. It's a different story."

A new chapter started in 2013 largely because of a crackdown by law enforcement.

Last summer, Charlotte Police Chief Rodney Monroe rolled out a new plan to rid the community of the Hidden Valley Kings.

The court injunction banned known gang members from congregating in public.

Carmen Brown has been a part of the Little Learners Day Care Center for 30 years.

While gang activity has put a negative label on Hidden Valley, Brown feels the neighborhood gets a bad rap, considering the subdivision has produced its share of doctors, lawyers, and business owners.

She's on the fence regarding renewal of the injunction. "I do think that people have gotten the message. Should it be extended or not? I don't know."

Marajean Massey, who moved here two years ago, says safety in Hidden Valley boils down to a simple notion. "Everybody mind their own business and follow the law."

Police attorney Mark Newbold told WBTV that it's a situation that they will monitor day by day before moving forward with a new injunction or deciding to let the current court agreement expire.

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