Hot Wax Surf Shop

4510 Hoggard Dr. (Across from UNCW)

Looking for a skateboard under the Christmas tree this year? At Hot Wax, you’ll find cool skateboards, long skateboards, and trick skateboards including Birdhouse, Element, and Gravity.

Hot Wax has all new long and short boards by Rusty, Natural Art, and WRV. They can also custom make a Pro-line surfboard for you in time for Christmas.

The Rip Curl “tide watch” will make a great gift! This watch shows low tide, high tide, and full moon which gives surfers a heads up on the best wave action.

Hot Wax has a huge selection of men’s and women’s sunglasses including Oakley, Electric, Dragon and Costa Del Mar.

Everyone will always be excited to get something from Hot Wax Surf Shop.