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Local personal trainer overcomes Hodgkin's Lymphoma


Thomas Welsh eats sleeps and breaths a healthy lifestyle. Seven days a week, several hours a day, you'll find this personal trainer in the gym.

So when a doctor told him he had cancer, he wasn't convinced.

"First thing I'm thinking is no way," Welsh said. "I'm healthy, I work out, I don't feel bad, I don't feel like I have cancer."

Just two months before, his yearly physical showed no signs.

"Everything was clean. It was clear," Welsh said.

But Welsh has been feeling a small nodule, a bump and thought that it was actually scar tissue.

He ignored it for a year. Then he asked his doctor to examine it. In February, following a biopsy, his doctor told him he had Hodgkin's Lymphoma.

The personal trainer friends call T.J. admits he went through a 'why me' phase.

"Of course. No one expects to hear they have cancer. I thought what did I miss," Welsh said.

The reality is T.J. missed nothing. Hodgkin's Lymphoma can strike anyone although its typically found in young people 15 to 40 years old or  in late adulthood.

Because Hodgkin's lymphoma is a cancer that develops from cells in the lymphatic system which is part of the body's immune system, T.J. went through an aggressive chemotherapy treatment along with radiation and a healthy diet.

"Try to eat as clean as possible. Hydrate as much as possible And then really stay away from anything that's going to poison you even further.And that's not just with food. You got to look at your fitness level. You've got to do something active," Welsh says.

TJ believes more than ever that being fit and eating well has helped his prognosis.

After six months of chemo and radiation, he's on a mission to get others to take care of their bodies.

"I've had a phenomenal reaction with treatment with what I've done personally. But just with a lot of other people that I see who use fitness for that reason for general health and wellness, they just have a better recovery. Its a better positive mindset. They both go hand and hand, " Welsh says.

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