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My Turn: Everyone should use the same travel policy

I wasn't much interested in weighing in on the more than $10,000 spent by four New Hanover County leaders to attend a conference in New Orleans recently.

But because of this story being in the news I learned that the commissioners, and apparently the county manager, get to play by different expense reimbursement rules than the rest of the county staff. I don't think that's right.

County employees are given a per diem when traveling on county business. It's $10 for breakfast, $13 for lunch and $23 for dinner. Seems a little low to me, but that's not my point.

My point is that those at the top should operate under the same travel policy guidelines as everyone else doing county business.

It was good to hear that the commission chair, Woody White, who did not attend that conference, stated earlier this week that county's travel policy should be examined. I couldn't agree more.

And while I'm on my soap box on this issue, I just have to wonder how many leaders would have attended that conference if it had been in some place like Newark instead of New Orleans.

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Emailed comments from viewers:

There have been many occasions in my life and while working for different employers that I have traveled on company business. I feel that the reimbursement rates you quoted for breakfast and lunch are extremely high. Breakfast is provided for free at most hotels so there is no reason for breakfast reimbursement at all. You can get an excellent meal at a deli for less than $10 and you would eat lunch if at home so the reimbursement rate should only be the increased amount incurred by not being at home so $5 should be ample. $10,000 is way too much money to be charged to the city tax payers for a trip by professionals that are supposed to be fiscally responsible. 


Our Honorables could have "learned" as much on line. These are junkets pure and simple on the taxpayers tab!

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