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Group claims medical pot can lead to date rape

Photo: "No on 2" Photo: "No on 2"

By Jeff Skrzypek

WEST PALM BEACH, FL (WFLX) - An anti-medical marijuana group is making new claims legalizing pot could lead to date rape.

The group, "No on 2," recently posted an ad on Facebook asking viewers, "Will the new face of date rape look like a cookie?"

The ad shows a man and a woman hugging with an arrow pointing to a pot cookie in the pocket of the man. "I absolutely thought it was fake. I thought it was a joke," said Florida State Senator Jeff Clemens, who is in support of medical marijuana.

The ad is in reaction to Amendment 2 which is on the Florida ballot for November. If passed, it would legalize medical marijuana.

Clemens said he cannot believe "No On 2" would post such an ad. "I think any woman should find that offensive to somehow suggest that if you use medical marijuana to deal with a health issue, that you're trying to deal with that somehow, that's going to make you more susceptible to rape. It's really beyond the pale," said Clemens.

On the "No On 2" Facebook page, hundreds commented on the ad. Many of the comment claimed the ad was inappropriate.

No On 2 released this statement in reaction to the ad defending the message:

"Today's pot cookies and other pot candy is not your daddy's pot brownie from the 60s, 70s and 80s. Amendment 2 allows for marijuana products, and the idea of a pot cookie with this high level THC being abused is scary and dangerous," wrote Javi Correoso, a spokesperson with "No On 2".
Clemens, who said he is behind Amendment 2, said he does not think voters will buy the message displayed in the recent ad when they hit the polls in a few months. "They understand that this is medicine that can help people and that it's not going to lead people to the kind of things that that campaign is alleging," said Clemens.

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