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Playing it safe around guns

Students will learn from local safety officials and NRA members. (Source: WECT) Students will learn from local safety officials and NRA members. (Source: WECT)

Surf City Parks and Recreation debuted their first kid gun safety camp Monday morning. 

The camp aims to introduce students to safe gun practices, the history and makeup of firearms, and shooting techniques.

Fourteen students ranging in ages 9-14 are taking part in Surf City's first gun safety camp.

All of the guns in the classroom are unloaded. Students will have the opportunity to hold several firearms and learn basic rifle and pistol training.

Dorothy and Ricky Royal of Surf City Guns are some of the instructors for the weeklong camp.  Dorothy Royal said it's important for kids to learn how to safely conduct themselves around guns. 

"The way most people get in trouble this day and age is that they make things out to be real scary, and instead of doing that they should learn about them," Royal explained. "Guns to me are like living in this area and not knowing how to swim. You're more at risk by not knowing. The best thing you can do for yourself is learn the basics," Royal said.

Camp organizers said that several parents have been requesting a camp where their kids can learn how to be safe around guns. Parent David Newbery said his family are hobby shooters and wants his grandkids to learn how to conduct themselves around firearms.  

"We just think it's important that they know about guns, that they're safe and that they are dangerous. They can learn a lot. Not to be afraid but to have great respect for them," Newbery commented.

Students will also learn from local safety officials and National Rifle Association instructors.

Students will apply all that they learn on Friday when they head to the Surf City police department range and get to shoot firearms.

At the end of the camp, every student will make a personal commitment vowing to be responsible with and around guns.  

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