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Stress Management Study: Toxic Stress Puts Childrens Long-Term Health at Risk

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Children facing toxic stress are at risk of developing health, mental and social issues later on in life. It is important for children facing toxic stress and their families to go through counseling and other stress management programs to prevent such problems.

August 9, 2014

Miami, FL, United States – August 9th, 2014 /PressCable/

Family Counseling and Support Programs Can Help Relieve Affected Children of Toxic Stress

Miami, Florida (August 8, 2014) – A recent study by the
American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) reveals that children exposed to toxic
stress, or chronic stress caused by familial and environmental factors, are at
risk of endangering their health later in life.

Dr. Robert W. Block, a former president of the AAP, stated
that stress caused by neglect, malnutrition and other forms of abuse inhibits a
child’s potential for learning and emotional development. It also changes the
way a child’s brain develops. The stress a person experiences in early
childhood can have long-term effects such as mental disorders and chronic
ailments, and these effects can show up past adulthood.

Sandra Smith, a spokesperson for, a resource on stress management training,
emphasized the importance of getting children in stressful situations treatment
and counseling as early as possible.

“Children in toxic situations who don’t immediately
receive the required attention will have reduced chances of succeeding in life
upon reaching adulthood,” said Smith. “They are less likely to do
well in school or become self-sufficient as adults.”

Smith adds that the parents or the guardians of children
experiencing toxic stress will need intervention, stress management training
and support as well. Support programs for families such as day care programs
and programs for parents trying to overcome substance abuse will greatly help
in alleviating the day-to-day stress children face.

“Support programs like these give children in stressful
situations a better chance of staying in school, staying away from violent
crimes and avoiding teen pregnancies,” said Smith. “These children
will grow up healthier and happier in the end.” is an online resource on understanding stress,
what is stress management and the role of stress management. For more
information, please email Sandra Smith at or

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