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Scottsdale man in California jail accused of attempted murder


A Scottsdale man is in jail in California accused of attempted murder. Police say he opened fire on another driver along a Los Angeles-area freeway.

Victim Ken Baker recalls his near-death experience.

"I didn't feel any pain at the time. I didn't even know I was shot," Baker said.

Police say the shooter is 32-year-old Jerry Valentin of Scottsdale, an artist whose work shows an interest in ancient warriors and pit bulls.

Baker says he had never seen Valentin before but a got a glimpse of his gun. Baker says Valentin fired at him, shattering the driver's side window of his Expedition.

"It blew up in my face. I didn't know what happened and I pursued the guy," Baker said. "I noticed blood trickling down my chest and I realized possibly I'd been shot."

Three bullets hit Baker's arm, one of which also entered his chest through his ribcage.

Still, Baker continued following Valentin.

"I went in pursuit of the man from speeds of 65 to 95," Baker said.

During the pursuit, Baker called 911. A short time later, California Highway Patrol stopped Valentin along the freeway, putting him in handcuffs.

"If I had let the man go, I would have never seen him again. I do not want anybody going out and shooting people that are innocent,"  Baker said.

Police say they're investigating this as possible road rage. They're still interviewing witnesses.

Valentine pleaded not guilty in court and is being held in a California jail on a $1 million bond.

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