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My Turn: Why some turn their backs on voting

State Senator Thom Goolsby has quit the job he was elected to do, serve in the North Carolina General Assembly. State Senator Thom Goolsby has quit the job he was elected to do, serve in the North Carolina General Assembly.

Do you ever wonder why some people just never vote, despite the fact that it's their constitutional right? Maybe it's because some politicians do things that rub us the wrong way.

State Senator Thom Goolsby has quit the job he was elected to do, serve in the North Carolina General Assembly.

He's stepping down five months early and he's making no effort to hide one of the reasons. He wants fellow Republican Michael Lee to be appointed to the job and get a head start.

I have nothing against Michael Lee. For all I know he might be a great guy and very worthy of the office. But because of this move by Goolsby, he could get the unfair advantage of calling himself "Senator" weeks leading up to an election.

Some people say that's the way the game is played. It's no big deal. It's politics.

They're right. It is politics, bad politics. And that's the problem.

This type of action is why many people get jaded, skeptical and just opt out of the system altogether. And I think it's a shame that former Senator Thom Goolsby gave them one more reason to want to turn their backs on voting.

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Emailed comments from viewers:

In considering your August 5th My Turn point of view, I believe your cause and effect is completely turned around.  In other words, rather than the behavior of politicians resulting in poor voter turnout, I believe it is voter complacency that results in bad political behavior.   It is not only a problem that voter turnout is low, it is also a problem of a very uninformed public and uniformed voter who relies solely on media outlets for their information rather than finding it out on their own to form a well-rounded opinion when going to the polls. 

On a similar subject, we also see a society where people are unwilling to get involved in political arenas, even on the local level.  Our constitutional right gives any of us the opportunity to run for public office as well, or even influence political decisions by involving themselves in decisions that really matter.   

Finally, the US has allowed the court systems to trump even voter referenda decisions.  These decisions are made by appointed judges that have no political ramifications from the public, allowing them to run a monarchical system rather than a democratic republic system.  Many have become disheartened by voting for an important policy only to have a court overturn the voice of the people.   

Perhaps a future story should investigate how it is the abuse of powers in the courts and in the executive (US) office that has resulted in poor voter turnout.  Sometimes "hope and change" ends up being the same old same old, or in this case, even worse.


"State Senator Thom Goolsby has quit the job he was elected to do, serve in the North Carolina General Assembly." (Wect)

Our democratic police chief did the same, I do not remember you commenting about it then. 


I agree with your stance on the practice of leaving office early to enhance the position of the political party's next "chosen one". But don't don't just wag a critical finger at Republicans, every NHC Sheriff since the retirement of Joe McQueen was put into office by this same practice. I think they all were Democrats.


I was a faithful voter for my whole adult life until...... I realized the leaders of our country(no specific party) had made such a mess that it can not be fixed. It happened slowly for decades until the last 8 years or so. America is suffering from many ills but the worst is a cancer called Greed. It has always existed but did not always drive all actions and decisions. It does not matter whether we vote or not at this point. It is not a question of if America fails but when. 


Your oratory of August 5 somewhat critical of Senator Goolsby for his retirement from the state Legislature sounds somewhat like Democratic sour grapes. 


Great segment on Mr. Goolsby, hope this bring more attention to the way he does business. As far as stepping down from office shouldn't be much difference, what has he done while in office, except lookout for his own interests. Mr. Goolsby runs his law firm the same way. Keep this in mind when looking for legal representation. 


I agree with you 100%. Shame on Goolsby for this political ploy. He is a perfect example of why more and more Americans are fed up with politicians. 

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