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Beacon Drive residents frustrated by lack of water


Metro water officials said Sunday there's still no firm timetable when people with little or no water pressure in south Nashville can expect to have things back to normal.

On Wayland Avenue near Harding Road, you can see the sprinkler pumping away in the backyard of a huge home while 100 yards away you can see a Metro Water Services tanker truck coming up the road to deliver water to houses with no running water at all.

"It's ridiculous and very frustrating," said Janet Vidnovic, whose home is without water. "For us it's day 5. It's awful."

Vidnovic has been without water since Wednesday when the water main broke, cutting off water for more than 15,000 people.

Most people have had their water service restored, but not people who live on Beacon Drive. They are forced to rely on bottled water to drink and water trucks to provide water to fill their toilets.

"We were told maybe Thursday of next week. That's ridiculous, over a week and no water," said Vidnovic.

Several sprinklers have been running in the area despite a request from Metro Water Services to restrict watering until repairs have been made to the water system.

One man see watering his lawn said he had been out of town all week and didn't know about the irrigation ban.

Channel 4 News knocked on the door of a home using an irrigation system Sunday. The sprinkler shut out when a camera was taken out.

The residents of Beacon Drive said the real problem they complain about is a lack of information coming from the water department, not neighbors watering their lawns despite the ban.

"I think there's been no communication," said Vidnovic. "We've had people come around providing water with the water buffaloes, but no, absolutely no water pressure."

Vidnovic hopes by coming forward and complaining, she can get some pressure on the water company to get water to her and her neighbors or at least tell them why their street's bone dry.

Some of the homes in the area are using their own wells for water and do not affect the shortage.

If you're concerned about a water usage, Metro Water said you can call 615-862-4600 to report people watering their yards.

They have a dedicated crew set aside for turning off irrigation systems and asking people to conserve water.

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