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No tax weekend throws local businesses for a frenzy

Elizabeth Jones making a sale. (Source: WECT) Elizabeth Jones making a sale. (Source: WECT)

For the first time in 12-years, North Carolina is not having a tax free weekend. 

"People are going to drive up to Virginia, and down to South Carolina and what happens to poor North Carolina?" questioned Stacey Cupit, an out-of-town shopper.

No one was more disappointed than Elizabeth Jones, the store owner of a small clothing boutique in the Cotton Exchange named Elizabeth's Ladies Boutique.

"I had some customers come in to tell me it was tax free weekend, so I made some sales not charging tax," said Jones.

By not charging those customers sales tax put Jones at a $200 loss.  That total does not include the  revenue lost from loyal tax free shoppers.

"I would say when it is normally a tax free weekend I would probably do $500 more in business," admitted Jones.

Already at a $700 loss for the weekend, Jones is hoping to make up the difference, but it's the customers who are hesitant to drop the extra change.

"Unfortunately, the excitement is lost when you are supposed to have a tax free weekend," said a local shopper. 

"You are supposed to have a little extra in your pocket, but unfortunately you are not unable to," said Cupit.

That little extra is something Jones is missing too.

"I'm really disappointed, because we really had nice weekends when it was tax free," Jones explained.

Some businesses, like Elizabeth's Boutique, held special promotions to help out their loyal customers over the weekend. 

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