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Your Week in Viral Videos: The fears of crazy women, aging

Sadie, 5, is afraid her baby brother will grow up and stop being cute. Sadie, 5, is afraid her baby brother will grow up and stop being cute.

(RNN) – Getting older is a fear most people have, but little Sadie is afraid of it for a different reason than most.

Sadie doesn’t want to die when she’s 100 years old, but she doesn’t explain why because too busy crying over the fact her little brother will soon get older and not be cute any more. In a few years, when her brother is old enough to torment her, 5-year-old Sadie will really wish he was smaller, but for different reasons than she does now.

For now, she’s just afraid his cuteness will fade as he gets older and he won’t have “cute little smiles.”

The highlight comes at the 30-second mark when a crying Sadie looks at her brother and he give a knowing smile that says one day he will be the bane of her existence.

Mascot missteps

Disney’s costumed characters bring a lot of excitement and joy to people in the various theme parks the company operates, but it’s not all smooth sailing.

A mascot’s head coming off is a pretty standard mishap, but losing a face and not being able to get back up after a fall are also hazards of the job. Dancing in a costume proves to be particularly risky.

How to lose the female vote

Knowing the right person to seek dating advice from can be hard, but a Tennessee alderman has made the case that elected officials are probably not the best sources for this kind of information.

Dana McLendon, a “terrorist mouthpiece” and alderman in Franklin, TN, claims to have devised a hot/crazy matrix for dating women that is similar to one shown on How I Met Your Mother, but much more detailed.

Among McLendon’s “advice” about women are the ideas that, “there’s no such thing as a woman who’s not at least a 4 crazy,” “below a 5 crazy and above an 8 hot … these things don’t exist” and, for men, “once you have sufficient amounts of money, it is no longer relevant how hot you are.”

(WARNING: While the video appears to be done in a tongue-in-cheek fashion, it isn’t free of potentially offensive language.)

Colbert to the rescue

If you’re looking for actual, good advice to follow, turning to a seemingly unlikely source – Stephen Colbert – is probably a smarter move.

Colbert ditches the persona of his TV buffoon to participate in Rookie’s Ask a Grown Man series and repeats everything your dad has already told you in the voice of someone you’ll actually listen to.

Among the topics covered by Colbert are confronting people doing things that offend you, co-ed sleep overs and interpreting mixed messages.

Animal of the Week

This has been a hostile environment for cats, but it will always be welcoming to kittens. These little kittens are working on discovering their evil powers in a battle for control over a place to sleep.

Don’t be fooled by the cuteness, however. These little monsters-in-training are not above targeting their own kind and destroying that which they value just to ensure others can’t get it. Self-destructive conflicts such as this are mankind’s only hope against the eventual rise of the feline overlords.

More stuff for when you’re bored

Water parks are a great place to spend your summer. However, if you choose to jump from the high dive, either commit to the jump or don’t do it all. Deciding you don’t want to jump when you’re already falling isn’t going to work out well, as this girl perfectly illustrates.

Puppies always look for a comfortable spot to lie down, and what’s more comfortable than a baby?

There are three large cooling towers in England that used to be standing but aren’t any more, and the people who live nearby got up really early in the morning to watch them be imploded. (WARNING: British profanity.)

Photobombs are funny, unless it’s by lightning.

Bears are either nice, gentle souls who will help out their fellow members of the animal kingdom in times of need or they think crows are a nice meal until they get their hands on one. It’s hard to tell from this video.

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