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Teachers unimpressed with raise proposal

Teachers said raise is not as good as it sounds. Teachers said raise is not as good as it sounds.

North Carolina lawmakers have unveiled the details of a budget that gives teachers an average seven percent raise, but some teachers claim it's not as good as it sounds.

Under the new budget deal, teachers would get an average raise of $3,500, but longevity pay is included in the overall raise.

According to WCNC, state employees are eligible for longevity pay of 1.5 percent after 10 years and the longer the service, the higher the longevity rate. But this new plan cuts longevity checks.

"I don't think it's going to benefit most of the teachers. I'd love to see the details, they're keeping them hidden so that we can't find out what's really going on," said New Hanover County teacher Deborah Abel. "But it looks like I'm going to get a pay cut, because they're going to take out longevity checks and throw it all in a pot and call it a raise."

Abel said she thinks legislators support this deal because of the word "raise," when in reality, it's not much of a raise.

According to WCNC, supporters say the $282 million for teacher raises will bump the state's national teacher pay ranking from No. 46 to No. 32.

The budget draft is set to be released Wednesday.

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