Making fudge

During the holidays, family recipes are shared and enjoyed, but while mom's recipe for fudge might get pulled out just in time for Christmas, the professionals make it all year long.

Elizabeth joins the pros at Topsail Trading Company in Surf City for her own lesson in fudge making.

She begins with a blend of butter, cream, and chocolate. The mixture is heated in a kettle and then poured into a pan.

Elizabeth then takes this basic batch and turns it into the best-selling turtle fudge. She spreads a layer of caramel, sprinkles plenty of pecans, more chocolate, and finally more caramel and nuts.

The fudge isn't ready to eat just yet. It has to cool overnight, but looks remarkably like the kind on the shelf.

Elizabeth tops off her day by serving up some samples to a couple of customers and of course trying out the sweet treats herself.

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