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New Kent couple rides out campground tornado

Photo: Michael Mahetta Photo: Michael Mahetta

A family from New Kent also was on the Cherrystone campground when the tornado touched down. The six of them, including children, huddled in their camper and prayed.

The family said they awoke this morning and looked at the radar on their phones. They could see a storm coming. The radar turned purple and their cell phone alerts rang out, warning there was a tornado.

Minutes later it was on top of them.

"We were huddled together on the bed, said our prayers and rode it out," Junie Gillen said. "The camper was shaking like crazy. Hail was as big as a golf ball hitting  the camper. You couldn't hear yourself think."

When they finally opened their trailer doors. the Gillens were stunned at the destruction.

"There's multiple campers here about 50 yards from where we were parked that are flipped on their sides, flipped over on top," Gillen said. "There's one that's totally destroyed. It looks like it blew up it's so destroyed."

Gillen said her sister-in-law is a nurse and helped a woman hurt in a nearby trailer. When they had a moment to think about all the damage around them, they were overwhelmed at the storm's power and amazed and how lucky they truly were. 

"We're very fortunate We're blessed to be OK."

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