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Veteran unable to walk, talk told by VA he should go to work


A Vietnam veteran battling cancer and suffering from heart and lung problems from exposure to Agent Orange was denied full disability benefits from Veterans Affairs and told in a letter they can see no reason he can't go back to work.

Ken Moore's wife, Judy, said because of complications from his health problems, he can't walk or talk.

"He (Ken) read it (the VA Letter) and was like, 'This can't be real. It can't be happening. This is a nightmare,'" Judy Moore said.

When Ken Moore filed for 100 percent disability and unemployability last September, he didn't even have the cancer diagnosis.

Last year, the Channel 4 I-Team profiled Ken Moore, showing how he is on nearly constant oxygen and struggles with increasing health problems and was stuck in a massive backlog of benefits cases at the Nashville VA.

Last June, a doctor at the VA hospital in Murfreesboro wrote in a letter that Moore can't stand or walk for prolonged periods of time, has severe lung disease, and, "I do not think that there is a reasonable likelihood that he will improve to the point that he can return to work."

The Moores waited eight months and got a letter from the VA denying his unemployability, stating that evidence failed to show his heart disease makes him unable to secure or follow a substantially gainful occupation.

"What's he got to do? Does he have to die to prove to them that he can't work?" Judy Moore said.

The Moores provided the VA in June with more medical information, including his cancer diagnosis.

Since then, they've heard nothing.

"I'm afraid he's going to give up. And I don't have the strength to deal with these people," Judy Moore said.

The Channel 4 I-Team started asking questions on Monday. On Tuesday, the I-Team received an email from the VA, reading they expedited processing of Ken Moore's claim and on the very day in June that Ken Moore provided new medical information in order to get full disability, they decided to give it to him.

But that was surprising to the Moores, who again hadn't heard anything since June. On Tuesday, someone from the VA called them to tell them he'd been approved.

In an email to the I-Team, the VA said not only will Ken Moore receive the 100 disability payments, they will also make it retroactive to February 2013, the last time Moore was able to work.

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