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Wave Transit celebrates free fare day

The CFPTA has made July 23, 2014 free fare day. (Source: wavetransit.com) The CFPTA has made July 23, 2014 free fare day. (Source: wavetransit.com)

The Cape Fear Public Transit Authority operating as Wave Transit is celebrating their tenth year in operation by making July 23, 2014 free fare day.

According to the CFPTA website, passengers can ride on any fixed bus route or shuttle and the fare will be free.

Passengers can also ride as much as they want without having to pay anything.

Executive Director, Albert Eby, said WAVE Transit was created in July 2004 when Wilmington Transit Authority and New Hanover County Transportation merged together.

In the beginning, he said routes were restricted to Wilmington, however now he says WAVE takes riders to Brunswick Forest, Leland, Navassa, Pleasure Island and starting this month, as part of a new Intercity Bus Service, Charlotte.

"Transportation, especially public transportation needs, do not stop at county lines or city lines,"" Eby said. "We want to make sure the region has access to transportation throughout, to the south, to the north, to the east and to the west."

He said they are always looking at ways to expand. In 2013 WAVE opened up a new route to Pleasure Island.  A route to Wrightsville Beach has also been discussed in the past, and led to controversy over the years.

Eby said that is something they want and something riders want but at this point, it's up to the town.

"We've had conversations with Wrightsville Beach and we are still waiting for them to fully embrace public transportation and let us know that's something they may be interested in but we are always looking at places the community wants us to go," Eby said.  

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