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My Turn: Wilmington is using 'because I said so' excuse

One of the perks of being a father is being able to say "because I said so." Your children just have to trust you, right? "I said so" can be an answer to a lot of questions.

Well, it seems like the city of Wilmington is using that psychological tactic on the general public when it comes to the use of Stingray technology to track cell phone signals and personal information of potential suspects.

From what our reporters have learned, there are real concerns across the country about this type of surveillance also drawing in personal information of innocent people not connected to an investigation.

Their latest attempt to get information was a stunner. The city admits they have no policies on how to even use this secretive technology. Nothing exists. This is the same department that has policies for eating on the job and bawdy humor.

Are we supposed to actually believe that? I hope not.

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Emailed comments from viewers:

I have been following this story closely and yes it is absolutely a HUGE privacy issue. This transcends the local level and cuts straight to the heart of the reality that every day it seems that we come closer and closer to the federal dystopia Orwell so eloquently forewarned. This technology is no different in practice from the license plate camera bill HB 348 that failed on privacy concerns.The only difference here is that Harris has some kind of deal cooked up with the federal government where they can hide behind secrecy. If we cannot get "to the bottom" of this seemingly innocuous issue surrounding a simple piece of invasive technology how can we even begin to trust our government on larger issues such as the ones that Edward Snowden has brought to the forefront?

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