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Immigration protest lands in Wilmington

A protestor expresses his concern over illegal immigration. A protestor expresses his concern over illegal immigration.

Controversy was brewing in Wilmington as protestors gathered at the intersection of Dawson Street and Oleander Drive to protest against illegal immigration.

"When did it become our problem to take care of someone else's children from some other nation?" asked Frank Nichols, a concerned American.  "Where is the compassion for the American people who are going to have to pay for all of this? Whose tax dollars are going to go up?"

On the other side of the debate, Elizabeth Woodside defended the immigration.

"These children are refugees.  They are trying to escape violence and poverty and they need our support."

From 11 a.m. until 4 p.m. Saturday, the two groups went back and forth on the issue. Tempers were raised just as high as their signs as the protestors voiced their opinions.  One of those protestors was John Holmes, a retired Marine who said his concern is not illegal immigration but rather our nation's security.

"Our borders are wide open, who else is coming in?" Holmes questioned.

President Obama is trying to put an end to the controversy by asking Congress to authorize $3.7 billion in emergency spending.  This money would help increase enforcement at the border as well as build temporary housing for the unaccompanied child immigrants.

Despite the government's recent budget request protestors feel more needs to be done.

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