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Wilmington saves more than $250k with its recycling program


The City of Wilmington has saved more than $257,000 with its recycling program.

According to city officials, it costs the city $59 per ton to put trash in the county landfill, but only $20 per ton to recycle it.

Officials say approximately 6,600 tons of plastic bottles, cans, cardboard, newspaper and other recyclable materials were diverted from the county landfill. That's about 500 tons more than last year - an increase of more than eight percent.

City officials say of the total trash and recycling collected between July 2013 and June 2014, 22 percent was recycled, and this number is expected to increase with the addition of 19 new recycling receptacles in the downtown area from a $25,000 state grant, as well as recycling receptacles that were added last Spring at some city parks, the Municipal Golf Course, Legion Stadium and Greenfield Amphitheater.

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