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My Turn: Keeping film incentives in place

Most everyone keeps saying they want to do something to keep the film incentives in place, but the folks in Raleigh are having a tough time agreeing on anything right now. (Source: WECT) Most everyone keeps saying they want to do something to keep the film incentives in place, but the folks in Raleigh are having a tough time agreeing on anything right now. (Source: WECT)

Supporters of the film industry frequently say any type of controversy or uncertainty over incentives hurts the state of North Carolina. Based on that statement, the damage is already happening and I think we've seen some evidence of that.

Most everyone keeps saying they want to do something to keep the film incentives in place, but the folks in Raleigh are having a tough time agreeing on anything right now.

So, while our lawmakers battle on significantly important issues involving funding for Medicaid and teacher pay raises, nerves are fraying among film industry supporters here in the Cape Fear region.

I think ultimately something will get done. My only hope is that whatever it is it's enough to keep us in the game with the other states that are going after the movie and TV production business.

There have been too many years invested in building the infrastructure and gaining the expertise in that industry to see it all move on to other states simply because they have a much bigger carrot.

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Emailed comments from viewers:

I have friends that have lived here for several years working in the film industry who are now faced with moving themselves and in most cases their families to another state to make a living. Does our legislature not realize the contributions this industry has made to tourism, new residents in our state, housing markets, job creation and more?  Are they so stubborn in their intents that they have gone blind?  I'm in education and see this as one more bad decision from our legislature to completely alter the lives of scores of people in NC in a destructive manner. 


Production companies are already relocating from our state to Covington GA . Georgia leaders unlike ours realize that movies and TV series drive tourism in there state county and cities. Hunter Hall president of newton county GA chamber can verify the numbers and give you a prospective on the story unlike anyone  else since Covington has been deemed the Hollywood of The south .


I live in Columbus county NC and I have worked in the film industry for 17 years. There were lean times when Canada started their incentive. When the states in the USA began their incentive programs and NC joined in, work picked up and it has been a blessing. I don't understand how the state supposedly looses money from the incentive when more money is put back into the economy, people are working and not afraid to spend their hard earned money...not to mention the taxes that are paid in while working...vendors are profiting, thereby also putting money back into the economy. I am hearing rumors of people getting ready to sell their houses and move. How can that help the state of North Carolina?


I'm not really sure what the problem seems to be in Raleigh when it comes to incentives for the film industry. Listen, it isn't rocket science..we've had this industry for a long time and the only way we are going to keep it fresh is to do what it takes to bring more projects into our fair state. A tried and true method would be to simply make more incentives available! Yes, I know it's easy to say "make more incentives available" but guess what, it's that simple! The more incentives, the more projects. The more projects, the more people there are working. The more people working, the more income there is. The more income there is, the more there is to expend even in the form of TAXES! And that should make the people in Raleigh happy since more taxes gives them more to spend. Heaven forbid they actually ever try to save any money.

Agree with me or not, let's have some feedback!


Nc film has grown and enjoy seeing all the production around Wilmington and using all historic building and other building a d I think it give a fresh look to the movie and tv shows


Perhaps my friends in S. Florida who have reaped the great benefits of having TV and film shows done there would say NC is looking a gift horse in the mouth!  Bev McDermott, my friend, and a well known casting director has passed now, but would also denounce the nitpicking going on in NC with regards to dollars out versus dollars in.  The economy can only reap the rewards of jobs, consumerism, tourism promotion, etc.  with the film industry here.  We need to reconsider those folks who cannot see the light that the film industry shines in our State.  When voting time comes along, we should know and remember the negative folks and try to support our genuine thinkers/reflections on economical gifts.  How tragic to risk losing such a boost to our economy and tourism! :(


Dear Sir,  Giving the big movie business here in NC a tax break and collecting something in taxes makes sense to me.  Rather than taking away the tax breaks, loose the movie industry and not collecting any taxes at all.  Is this republican governor crazy?   I say the public voted  for him,  they are getting what they voted for.  Cutting Medicaid, teachers assistants and now the movie industry.  North Carolina is just beginning to see all the damage this governor is doing in destroying the state economy.   

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