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Tuscaloosa kidnapping victim tells his story

Larry Marlett. (Source: FOX6 Video) Larry Marlett. (Source: FOX6 Video)
Josh Cameron. Source: Bibb County Jail Josh Cameron. Source: Bibb County Jail
Chirag Patel. Source: Tuscaloosa County Jail Chirag Patel. Source: Tuscaloosa County Jail

A Tuscaloosa man is telling his story after he was kidnapped early Friday morning.

"They're not going to let me live. I just knew that I was going to die," Larry Marlett said.

That's what the 79-year old says was going through his head during the whole ordeal.

Marlett was waiting to pick up a friend outside a gas station on McFarland Boulevard in Tuscaloosa. That's when he says one man approached him and climbed inside his car.

"He jumped through there. Threw the gun at my side and he said, 'Take me to the restaurant or the motel, or I'll kill you,'" said Marlett. "And he said, 'Get going, get going! Man I'll kill you!'"

Marlett then took the man to a motel just a few hundred yards away. That's when he says a second individual approached the vehicle.

"So I got in the back seat and [his] friend got up there."

After another brief stop, Marlett says they started towards Birmingham. But they missed their turn onto I-20/59.

"I thank God for that. Because if they had gotten on the interstate, I would have been dead within an hour and I know it," Marlett said.

Instead, the pair kept on going headed towards Bibb County.

"I just sit back there praying to God that he would help me get away from these people."

When the duo stopped at a gas station in Brent, Larry got his chance. He says one of the individuals went into the store, while the other remained behind in the car and began to get emotional.

"He said, 'Man I don't know why I've done this. I hate I done you this way.' I said, 'Man that's fine. You're going to be alright,'" Marlett recalled.

That's when Marlett says he gained the man's trust and convinced him to let him use the restroom outside the vehicle. When he saw second individual emerge from the store, he made a break for it.

"I took off. And I ran inside and told them, 'Help me! Help me!' She said, 'What's the matter?' I said, 'They're going to kill me,'" Marlett said.

Marlett soon saw the vehicle speed off. The horrifying experience was finally over.

"I knew that they were going to shoot somebody. Somebody was going to get shot. And I thank the Lord and I prayed to him that it wouldn't be me," he said.

Two suspects, Chirag Patel and Josh Cameron, were later taken into custody in Woodstock.

They led police on a brief car chase before spliting on foot. That incident being investigated by Woodstock police.

Patel has been charged with first degree kidnapping, first degree robbert, and first degree theft of property. Warrants for the same charges were expected to be filed against Cameron. Both men are in police custody.

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