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Action track chair takes paraplegic to new heights

Josh races son in the Action Track Chair. Josh races son in the Action Track Chair.

"We can get as tall as the trees maybe," said Josh Gillikin, as he and his son sat in a wheelchair, longing for the day when he would stand again.

It was two years ago when Josh's life would changed forever. 

"It was a normal day, I was riding my father's motorcycle," said Josh as he explains the night of the accident. "Evidently I lost control and went into a ditch.  My only injury was breaking my spine at the T-6 level.

A spinal injury so severe that Josh would lose mobility from the sternum down, but it was the vivid memory of standing with his son again that drove him through recovery. 

Josh said determinedly, "Get me a chair. I want to get moving. I want to get out."

After 30 days in the hospital Josh realized the one thing that would help him heal was to keep moving. So he began stretching, sitting up, and even pushing himself in a wheelchair, but soon Josh would add another motion to his routine, standing.

The Action Track Chair is the only chair in North Carolina that not only allows its' riders to stand, but allows them to go off the beaten path.

"It's very hard for me to roll my chair through grass, and if it's soft at all I'm stuck," said Josh when comparing the two chairs. "But the Track Chair would allow me to go anywhere and it increases the size of my world."

Josh said people don't realize the mental toll paraplegics face by not having the ability to stand and look people in the eye. Now, standing at close to 6'2", he will be able to look most people in the eye, and most importantly his son. 

Josh has not ye been able to purchase a chair of his own, but he feels with the help of his family and community he will be standing in one soon.

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