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New Orleans kitten jumps to Internet stardom

Source: Reddit, _moonflower_ Source: Reddit, _moonflower_

Step aside Grumpy Cat, there's a new celebrity feline in town.

Meet Purrmanently Sad Cat. She's a local kitten whose Internet stardom is on the rise thanks to Reddit.  

According to the New York Daily News, this mournful cat is owned by 21-year-old Ashley Herring of New Orleans. Herring operates under the Reddit username _moonflower_.

Purrmanently Sad Cat, or PSC for short, does not have a purrmanent name yet. PSC's owner is calling on Reddit users to help name her kitten.

Chime in here.

Despite the cat's gloomy outward appearance, Herring writes on Reddit that PSC is in good health and not sad at all.

"PSC is very healthy and well taken care of. She lives the life of luxury, attacking my toes from under the bed, chewing on fingertips, following my dog around , and picking on her siblings!"

PSC's stardom extends beyond Reddit. She has appeared in numerous memes, including one comparing her facial expression to Kit Harrington on "Game of Thrones."

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