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Good Samaritan rushes to help victims in deadly motorcycle crash on I-65N


Sonya Kurichh calls herself many things: a podiatrist, a former Navy doctor and a mother. But there's one title she refuses to claim: hero.

"I think I offered help," Kurichh said. "I don't think I was a hero."

Kurichh, a civilian contractor at Fort Campbell, found herself at the scene of a major collision Saturday evening. She and her three children were driving to the movies when they passed a motorcycle collision on I-65 North near Madison.

The mother said she first parked her carload of kids in a safe spot, and then she jumped into action.

"When you go to war, when you see somebody's that's bleeding... you've already seen that so you're not in shock, you go straight into 'what you need to do' mode," Kurichh said.

The doctor said she knew she only had minutes to save lives. Officials said the motorcyclist, Eric Lee Knight, had crashed into a man on the side of the road picking up debris from his truck. Knight and his passenger, Abigail McCormick, went airborne.

"Her leg bones were exposed," Kurichh said. "So I asked [someone] for his shirt to make a tourniquet. It wasn't tight enough, so I asked for his belt, and I got it a little bit tight. I asked another guy for a belt and I was able to get that tighter."

Then Kurichh moved to Knight, who had been hit by another vehicle. She said Knight had suffered a head wound and was bleeding; she couldn't detect a pulse. She asked others to start chest compressions, but officials later pronounced Knight dead at the scene.

"We prayed for them," Kurichh said. "In terms of how to process it, you just know there's stuff you can't understand. You just know that God has a timing and a reason for everything."

Medics rushed McCormick to Vanderbilt University Medical Center, where she's still listed in critical condition. The pedestrian, Gregory Crabtree Jr., was sent to Skyline Medical Center. 

Kurichh said she did what she could, but she emphasizes she was just one of several good Samaritans who offered help.

"In a lot of other parts of the country, I don't know if as many people would have stepped out to help out," she said.

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