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New roundabouts expected to save money, lessen crashes


On Monday, the intersection of Mitchaw Rd. and Sylvania-Metamora Rd. in Sylvania Township will be closed as construction begins on a new roundabout.

The intersection will not be re-opened until September 7th.

The intersection of Brint and King Rds. is also closed as Lucas County engineers work to build a roundabout at that intersection as well.

Lucas county engineers say car crashes are less likely to happen at roundabouts. They say roundabouts also save the County money on maintenance.

James Otting, of Sylvania is looking forward to the new roundabouts.

"It will be a good solution to consistent traffic problems around the area. I am hopeful that it will help some of the school situations in the morning, that is usually where I am impacted by it," said Mr. Otting.

To get around the orange cones, drivers can take Kilburn Rd. to access the west side of the closure, and Centennial Rd. to access the east side.

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