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CORRECTION: Backyard damage from helicopter not from NHRMC

Williams' backyard (Source: WECT) Williams' backyard (Source: WECT)
Williams' fence (Source: WECT) Williams' fence (Source: WECT)

Rosie Williams, who lives on Glen Meade Road near New Hanover Regional Medical Center, says a helicopter wrecked her backyard.

According to hospital officials, their helicopter was not responsible for the damage.

"By design, our helicopters do not produce enough rotor downwash to have knocked over the fence," hospital spokesperson Erin Balzotti said. "In addition, NHRMC's helicopters were not in the area during the hour around this incident."

Williams said a helicopter flew by her home Tuesday evening and blew a section of her fence down as well as scattered her patio furniture and outdoor plants.

"I feel like my life and the lives of my family are in danger because you see reports of aircraft hitting homes on landings and take-offs and that sort of thing and I don't want to be one of those statistics or one of those casualties," said Williams looking out at her scattered patio furniture.

Williams said it sounded like a tornado going through her yard.

"It's very loud. The walls vibrate. The furniture vibrates. The china cabinet vibrates," Williams said.

Williams thinks the damages could be in excess of $1,000

"We have looked at the damage and are working to ensure it is repaired at no cost to Ms. Williams," Balzotti said.

According to Balzotti, a military helicopter landed at the hospital as part of a drill around the time this happened.

"NHRMC will continue to work closely with the military to provide detailed information on approach and departure paths into the NHRMC helipad during these infrequent training exercises," Balzotti said.

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