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Job scam related to Craigslist

A copy of the check received by Crista Birckbichler A copy of the check received by Crista Birckbichler

Police are investigating a possible scam linked to Craigslist.

The most recent scam centers on a Midstate woman's quest to find a job. She posted an ad looking for work on the Craigslist website.

She said the job she thought she had was a scam, and she's out money.

"Everything sounded very professional," said Krista Birckbichler, the scam victim.

Birckbichler was excited at the prospect of a job. She had been looking for months.

"I keep getting all the places that are hiring, but they won't hire a pregnant girl," said Birckbichler.

So she turned to the internet.

"I posted on Craigslist I really needed a job," said Birckbichler. "I really wanted one as a caregiver, cleaner or babysitter. That's what I was hoping for."

What Birckbichler hoped to find is far from what she found.

She said shortly after the post, she got a text message about a job as a personal assistant.

It sounded good, so she agreed to the job.

A text explained what her job entailed.

"He said you will be getting a check and you will deduct $400 and say help me send the remaining money to the suppliers so they can ship the supplies to you and get it when I am back," explained Birckbichler.

"The $400 was for me."

She found out days after cashing the check that it was fake. The check bounced, which left Birckbichler out of money and responsible for the penalty fees.

It was a tough lesson for Birckbichler, one she said she doesn't want others to be forced to learn.

"Don't fall for it," said Birckbichler. "If they don't call you, don't do it."

The check Birckbichler claimed she was sent came from a company in Indiana.

Channel 4 News found reports of others complaining of fraud about the same company.

Police said this type of money scam is not uncommon as they receive several reports each day.

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