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Aquaponic farm coming to Wilmington

Sample images of towers that would house the growing greens inside the aquaponic farm. Sample images of towers that would house the growing greens inside the aquaponic farm.

An aquaponic farm is something most people from our area have not heard of; however, within a few years that might not be the case.   

An aquaponic farm is a greens house typesetting that raises fish and grows soil-less plants in one integrated system. The waste produced by the fish is then used to fertilize the plants, and in return the plants filter the water used for the fish.

Breana Jossey and Michael Greczy, the co-owners of the Cobblestone Café, have big plans that will bring a multi-million dollar aquaponic farm to downtown Wilmington. They in vision their farm and separate utility building to be located where the Water Street parking deck currently is, but no official word has been given. 

Jossey and Greczy's would have one of the buildings dedicated to their aquaponic farm. It would house all 64 towers for growing fresh greens, and an organic fish pond. Beside it a seven story building would included a co-op for local farmers, four stories parking deck, commercial space for local business and research seminars, a restaurant, and a rooftop venue.

A main goal for Jossey and Greczy is to include the community as much as possible. They want local farmers to utilize their co-op, and have the ability to sell their goods year round. Additionally, they hope to connect with local colleges and universities to have a satellite classroom in their commercial space, as well as aquaponic seminars to spread their knowledge.

Jossey explained an aquaponic farm would not only provide organically fresh greens with no pesticides or chemicals, but would yield over 90 percent of what it grows. She explained traditional farming only yields about 50 percent of their produce due to uncontrollable climate conditions; however, their indoor aquaponic farm would eliminate that problem, and allow them to be in control over their produce.    

Jossey and Greczy are still in the beginning stages of developing this project, but foreseeing it brining hundreds of jobs to the Wilmington. They hope to begin building in 2015 and have their buildings ready to open in 2016.

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