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Bicyclist says he was deliberately run into by truck driver


A bicyclist is recovering after he says a driver deliberately ran into him, sending him crashing into a ditch at 167th Street and Metcalf Avenue.

"I feel very lucky. It could have been much worse," said a 31-year-old Overland Park man.

The man is still shaken and extremely sore after he was hit while riding his bike. Because all signs point to the hit and run as intentional and possible road rage the man asked to have his identity concealed.

It was about 8 p.m. Wednesday when the man was out riding and noticed a pickup truck quickly coming up behind him.

"I turned my head and noticed how close so I slowed down a little bit, hoping he would go around and the truck backed off. He did that two more times basically and the last time he got very, very close, just enough to tap my back wheel," the man said.

The tap caused little damage to the bike, but caused the bike to immediately stop. The man lost control and flipped head first off the bike and into the ditch where he was knocked out.

Two passerbys found him and called 911.

The man said he has a concussion and a neck and back sprain along with multiple scrapes and bruises.

Police say the only description of the truck is that it's white, but they hope that's enough to track down whoever was behind the wheel.

"It's certainly cause for concern that he (the driver) would actively leave without checking on him (the biker)," said Gary mason with the Overland Park Police Department.

If you have seen a white pickup truck in the area or know who might have been driving it, police ask that you to give them a call.

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