Well, it's over, and the fever of political life is hushed—momentarily. Kerry, can hardly unconcede even if tallies of provisional and absentee ballots later show a closer margin. So, let's put aside our disharmonies, and try to get along with a cooperative, if not actually amiable, relationship between democrats and republicans. I realize that nowadays that's a lot to ask.

There was a time in American politics, and not too long ago either, when lawmakers on both sides of the aisles in Congress found it expedient to offer a little give-and-take in order to make progress in social issues and problems of importance to all our people. Like maybe campaign reform. And, by that I don't necessarily mean term limits. That notion gives a lot of pols the vapors. But, there's bound to be a solution to our getting the finest politicians that money can buy.

Then, there's Election Day. Why November? It's between farm seasons. Why Tuesday? So farm folks wouldn't have to travel to town on Sunday. The first Tuesday after the first Monday? Simply to keep All Saints Day from ever being Election Day too. It also has a lot of inconvenience built in. Most people work on Tuesdays. Maybe on a Sunday, then? If that's religiously repulsive, Election Day could be made a sort of "moveable feast." Or maybe a National Day of some sort. But, we'll need to work together.