Evolution Stickers

A federal trial is underway to decide whether a warning sticker in public school textbooks calling evolution "a theory, not a fact" violates separation of church and state. Schools in Cobb County , Georgia , put the disclaimers in biology texts after thousands of parents complained that the books presented evolution as truth without mentioning rival ideas about life's origin, such as intelligent design.

This is not 1925; neither is it Rhea County , Tennessee , in the town of Dayton where the famous Scopes Monkey Trial took place. Scopes was the teacher. His "crime?" Teaching evolution. It's almost 80 years later in suburban northwest Atlanta , not too far beyond toney Buckhead, and Paces Ferry Road , where the Governor's Mansion is and a lot of rich people live. These people are not bumpkins.

On the contrary, one parent expressed herself thoughtfully and elegantly when she testified that, while she doesn't want the Bible taught in schools, she said, "there is a wealth of science" (those are her words) suggesting that life is too complex to have evolved hit-and-miss. Indeed, Albert Einstein himself said he didn't believe "God played dice with the Universe." But why limit God? If He wanted to use evolution to create the universe—He could.