Confiscated Guns

The New Hanover County Sheriff's Department recently held one of its periodical gun-chewings; that is, they take guns that were confiscated from drug dealers and assorted other felons, used as court evidence, and then stored until they accumulate, haul them to a site outside town, and literally chew them to pieces in a powerful biting machine. The Sheriff commented that those guns would not find there way back to the streets and fall into the hands of hoodlums again. Well, that is a commendable accomplishment.

But, as a viewer pointed out to me by e-mail, what a terrible waste! The viewer suggested instead that the guns could be sold at various legitimate gun shows across the state—and you can't buy a gun at a gun show without a permit, and convicted felons can't get gun permits—to responsible honest collectors, or ordinary people seeking a gun to have in the house for protection, and the profits from such sales brought home and distributed to various worthy organizations like the Boys and Girls Clubs, Hospice, the Center for Domestic Violence, and on and on.

They certainly could use the money. As gun enthusiasts point out, "Gun don't kill people, people kill people." These guns didn't commit crimes, people using them did. The guns could be given a new lawful life that would benefit the community instead.