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Your Week in Viral Videos: Homeless man pays his gift forward

Eric, the homeless guy who was gifted a house, used his new found security to help another homeless man. (Source: MagicofRahat/YouTube) Eric, the homeless guy who was gifted a house, used his new found security to help another homeless man. (Source: MagicofRahat/YouTube)

(RNN) – World Cup fever is sweeping the nation, and this link you just clicked is no exception.

Actually, it's more accurate to say acknowledgement of the World Cup's existence is popping up here and there. Soccer might be boring and tedious, but in the proper context, it can be entertaining.

Take these videos for example. An intrepid England fan made the greatest paper airplane toss in recorded history last week when he threw a plane made from some type of top secret heat-seeking alien technology from the upper deck of the stadium and hit a player from the opposing team on the field below.

This is also a good time to revive the hilarious commercial NBC produced for its coverage of the Premier League last year when it got Jason Sudeikis to take on the role of a coach. The only problem was he was thinking of the wrong type of "football."

But both of those pale in comparison to Remi Gaillard, who created the trick shot video to end all trick shot videos. Gaillard kicks a soccer ball into various holes in various ways and off of various things at various speeds. Sometimes the holes themselves are moving.

You may notice that none of these videos are of actual soccer being played. There's a reason for that.

Paid forward

Covering the "Eric the homeless guy" beat didn't seem it was like going to require much work, but it's turned into something of a full-time job.

Eric was the guy who was the subject of a viral video in March when it was rigged for him to win the lottery. Then last month Eric was given a house and a job. Well, that means Eric now has his own money, and since he doesn't have to spend any of it on rent or other pesky expenses, he decided someone else needed it more than he did.

So, Eric took $1,000 of that money and put another homeless man up in a hotel for a month. At first, the guy resists, but Eric is persistent and he relents because when a guy repeatedly calls you "my friend," "buddy" and "big guy" you eventually warm up to him, but only after making sure he won't throw you in the bathtub and cut out your kidneys.

Frozen refuses to let us go

Ignore the fact that this is a song between a father and daughter that, in the context of the movie it is from, ends with a marriage proposal (thankfully, they left that part out) and just enjoy the interplay between them.

It remains to be seen how long this Frozen craze will keep going, but it doesn't look to be slowing down any time soon.

Soon to be viral?

Some guy named Brett Nichols really likes to imitate Michael Jackson. When you see him moonwalk during a lip synch of Billie Jean you'll understand why (spoiler: it's because he's really good at it). It comes at the 1:45 mark, but the whole thing is worth watching.

Nichols also uploaded a video of him covering the dance moves for Smooth Criminal. It has a lot more views despite being four days younger.

Animal of the Week

There have been a lot of goats showing up in viral videos lately. But when they're all as cute as this little guy, it's hard to leave them out.

More stuff for when you're bored

The last thing you want to see when riding your bike is a guy pointing a gun at you. However, if you are filming your bike ride, you will get good evidence to use against the perpetrator.

It would be wrong to call this dog a BASE jumper. The dog is merely strapped into the suit of a human BASE jumper. The dog seems to enjoy it, but maybe he's just happy to be back on the ground and not subject to the idiotic notions of his stupid human companion.

It's hard to tell what caused these kittens to bob their heads in rhythm with the music, but it makes for good video. It's even harder to tell what caused the person who hit "record" on their phone to do so with it in a vertical position, but it makes for terrible video.

Older men dating younger women is quite common, but a younger man with an older woman is rare. There's at least one guy who not only is interested in an older woman, but he's interested in multiple older women at the same time. Assuming, of course, this isn't some elaborate prank by Jimmy Kimmel or other viral faker. (WARNING: Creeeeeeeeeeeepy)

What's the worst first day at work you've ever had? Did you get thrown out of a boom lift? If your answer is no, then you did better than this guy.

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